i’m hip &/or “with it”

gotta tumblr. i’ll be doing that now. that & twitter, because the more brief things are, the easier they are to deal with. &&& GO>


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defiance, ontario

Last week’s Defiance, Ohio show in Buffalo was super fantastic! Someone was kind enough to record the entire set and post in online, hooray! You can see Amy & I in the front row, second & third from the left. We may or may not be having way too much fun.

Also I’ll be doing more (meaning, more than nothing) of that there, than of this here, for info on new items on Etsy and other updates. After the baby earthquake the other day and all the G20 bullshit, I realize Twitter’s more important than previously thought. Now if only I can figure out how to send updates from my typewriter…

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cultivating mail

hey, you:
– Ken from NY,
– Tee from Australia, &
– Krista in Vietnam,

look out for some sweet post coming your way!

also, Cultivator #1 is finally back in stock. it was recently reviewed in Xerography Debt, but i have yet to see it! if anybody has a copy, please send it my way. folks are requesting copies after reading it, so i figure it’s a decent review.

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quite possibly the cutest band ever

Relationally, I’m super satisfied, so I tend to get more abstract crushes like seasons (hi summer, tee hee!) and bands. Even American bands with American-spelled names that pain me to type: e.g. “watercolor” instead of “watercolour.” I’ll get over it.

Anyway, Watercolor Paintings. Other than their squeal-inducing music, the fact that they include a postal address on their MySpace page sealed my crush. It doesn’t take much, I tell you! So I wrote this bro & sis duo a love letter and enclosed $6(US) for their CD. Will they return my love? That’s the thing with crushes; the fun is in the swooning & gushing, but if the love is returned, so be it!

I’m not a creep, really. I haven’t even looked up their address on Google street view!


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new stuff!

Oh, hey!

Stuff I’ve been working on:

– this adorable anarchist Hello Kitty cross-stitch; now available in my Etsy shop

Riot Wife #3

– my dance moves (bring back the Stanky Legg!)

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riot wives use coupons!

Also, to those who have requested copies of Cultivator #1, HI! Unfortunately, I lost the masters, but spent some time tonight making copies. YEAH!

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it has a way of sticking in yer bones

The last few days were spent gallivanting around MontrĂ©al with friends, connecting with other friends and generally having a great time. It was the perfect place to transition from a school to summer mindset with its balconies, sunshine, good beerz, music & embrace of creativity/art/play. There are a lot of ideas and big decisions bouncing around in my head as a result of this trip, which I’ll be writing about in Riot Wife #3.


The best part about coming home from a few days away is the pile of mail waiting! Other than a postcard from a lovely friend in Belgium, the greatest mail was the newest issue of Broken Pencil that included a kind little review of Riot Wife #1:

Riot Wife caught my eye immediately. It has a bright yellow cover with pink glued-on letters. There’s this cute polka dot piece of fabric fastened with a little pin on the top corner that is such a sugary sweet touch. The content doesn’t disappoint, with classic riot grrrl imagery and typewriter font, honest stories of every day challenges and a badass message that married women can be feminists too! This zine is listed at $2 on Kate’s Etsy page, which I would happily shell out for this adorable zine, if I hadn’t gotten it for free. (Samantha Trees)

Thanks Samantha!

The only bummer is that RW #1 isn’t in print any longer and I’m not interested in making any more copies. It seems to be my luck lately that I’m hearing about/reading these positive reviews of my zines that aren’t available anymore.

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