it has a way of sticking in yer bones

The last few days were spent gallivanting around Montréal with friends, connecting with other friends and generally having a great time. It was the perfect place to transition from a school to summer mindset with its balconies, sunshine, good beerz, music & embrace of creativity/art/play. There are a lot of ideas and big decisions bouncing around in my head as a result of this trip, which I’ll be writing about in Riot Wife #3.


The best part about coming home from a few days away is the pile of mail waiting! Other than a postcard from a lovely friend in Belgium, the greatest mail was the newest issue of Broken Pencil that included a kind little review of Riot Wife #1:

Riot Wife caught my eye immediately. It has a bright yellow cover with pink glued-on letters. There’s this cute polka dot piece of fabric fastened with a little pin on the top corner that is such a sugary sweet touch. The content doesn’t disappoint, with classic riot grrrl imagery and typewriter font, honest stories of every day challenges and a badass message that married women can be feminists too! This zine is listed at $2 on Kate’s Etsy page, which I would happily shell out for this adorable zine, if I hadn’t gotten it for free. (Samantha Trees)

Thanks Samantha!

The only bummer is that RW #1 isn’t in print any longer and I’m not interested in making any more copies. It seems to be my luck lately that I’m hearing about/reading these positive reviews of my zines that aren’t available anymore.


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