About Pinchdog Press

Hi, folks! My name is Kate Pinchdog and I live in the beautiful but struggling Niagara region of Ontario, where I was born and raised and have now started a family of my own. Inspiration is found all around me, from the disappearing tender fruit orchards to the increasing unemployment & poverty rates in my area. While these situations are discouraging in and of themselves, I’m inspired by the courageous actions of everyday people who still choose to love in spite of all the struggle.

Many companies survive on the alienation between people, but Pinchdog Press seeks to foster relationships and build community by offering original handmade items.

For example, all cards are hand-sewn and zine layouts are created using scissors and glue (the real cut and paste!). In a world dominated by the disease of disconnect, I believe these personal touches serve to restore some connection between us, one stitch at a time.

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