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defiance, ontario

Last week’s Defiance, Ohio show in Buffalo was super fantastic! Someone was kind enough to record the entire set and post in online, hooray! You can see Amy & I in the front row, second & third from the left. We may or may not be having way too much fun.

Also I’ll be doing more (meaning, more than nothing) of that there, than of this here, for info on new items on Etsy and other updates. After the baby earthquake the other day and all the G20 bullshit, I realize Twitter’s more important than previously thought. Now if only I can figure out how to send updates from my typewriter…


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cultivating mail

hey, you:
– Ken from NY,
– Tee from Australia, &
– Krista in Vietnam,

look out for some sweet post coming your way!

also, Cultivator #1 is finally back in stock. it was recently reviewed in Xerography Debt, but i have yet to see it! if anybody has a copy, please send it my way. folks are requesting copies after reading it, so i figure it’s a decent review.

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new stuff!

Oh, hey!

Stuff I’ve been working on:

– this adorable anarchist Hello Kitty cross-stitch; now available in my Etsy shop

Riot Wife #3

– my dance moves (bring back the Stanky Legg!)

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new items & orders sent

New stuff:

wear your anti-oppression on your sleeve next to your heart!

check ’em out, check ’em out!

you can never go wrong with images from old kids’ books & typewriter text. never.

…okay, maybe once, but i prefer not to talk about it.

Outgoing mail:
MWSML to Katherine in Niagara Falls.

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